Hello, my name is Aurélie Pascale born in Paris, living in NYC. (Aureliepascale) is my instagram. I do not claim ownership of any of the photos below unless otherwise stated. I track the tag (forthosewhocravefashion) if you want me to check out your blog/follow you tag it :)


My full name is Aurélie. People on here call me Ally (nickname given to me by likeakloss) Its pronounced “au-ra-‘lee” and its french and it means gold, golden, of gold, etc

I am currently 18 years old, My birthday is Oct. 17. I was born in Paris, France. I can write in French but it’s not the best. I currently live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 

I check out all blogs, but it won’t be a guaranteed follow.

I am in my icon photo.

Please don’t ask me for promos. I only give promos if: I know you in real life and like you. I’ve talked to you inside the whatsapp network. 

Why are all my photos black and white? Because I like the simplicity of black and white photography.

I am a HUGE Lana Del Rey fan.


  • I always vote for people, no need to promo me just ask. 

I track two tags:

  • Forthosewhocravefashion: Where I keep track of all my edits and people can ask me to check out their blog/follow
  • FTWCF: where i keep track of fansigns and nice messages. 
  • If you make me a fansign you get promoted automatically. 

I never ignore questions, unless you’ve asked me more than a couple of times, aren’t speaking english or french, or i’m sleeping. Most of the time this blog is running on a queue. 

Any other questions will be answered! :) 

**Reminder: Any hate mail even once will get you banned from messaging me again. Do NOT ask me to rate your blog, Do NOT ask me for advice on how to get more followers, there is no secret to tumblr, just blog! And please don’t send me messages in the fan-mail format**