Hello, my name is Aurélie Pascale born in Paris, living in NYC. (Aureliepascale) is my instagram. I do not claim ownership of any of the photos below unless otherwise stated. I track the tag (forthosewhocravefashion) if you want me to check out your blog/follow you tag it :)
Fashion Advice

Hello, this is my Fashion Advice page.

So, basically my younger sister and I are very helpful in finding clothing options when you really can’t decide what to wear!

We’ve helped a lot of people so far. So please just look at the steps below


  • Fashion Advice is usually private, because it’s no one else’s business what you’re looking for, or what your budget is. Just something between us.
  • You need to let us know your budget range, so we don’t go over
  • Favorite stores
  • Describe your personal style
  • Any preferences?
  • Is this for anything special? or does your wardrobe just need some new items?

Please note:

we really don’t care if you have a low budget, we know how to style on a low budget. :D

Below are just some of the feedback my sister and I have gotten: