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Olivia Penpraze.

19 years old.

Died from a Suicide attempt that left her brain dead. Her parents made the hardest decision of their lives by turning off her life support.

She had a Tumblr account with over 900 posts sharing her emotional turmoil, dealings with depression, loneliness & thoughts about her wanting to take her own life.

The only response she got, was insensitive assholes, like the majority of people on Tumblr, encouraging her to do it. She was bullied consistently.
Olivia attempted to kill herself every year in May 1st since 2008.

In May 2012, her short life came to an end.

I know most people can’t tolerate posts like Olivia’s, whom find it attention seeking.
My point to you people is…


Of course it’s attention seeking what else it?! People share that part of themselves over the Internet because they obviously feel they can’t talk to anyone they know nor do they think anyone would care.

All I want is for people to cut out the bullying & talk to people like Olivia.
A conversation to someone in desperation could save their life.

If people can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

You never know…
What you say could be used to decide whether they live or die.

Even if youre a b&w blog, reblog this. 

The last video she made, made me cry. So sad.

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