Hello, my name is Aurélie Pascale born in Paris, living in NYC. (Aureliepascale) is my instagram. I do not claim ownership of any of the photos below unless otherwise stated. I track the tag (forthosewhocravefashion) if you want me to check out your blog/follow you tag it :)

Here’s some good news for today:

Basically the idea of Secret Santa and Secret Valentine. I asked everyone if you wanted me to make a monthy thing because of all the new friends made on here from secret valentine. 

Here’s what you do:

Send a secret message to someone (who I will assign you to, on March 1st) and become friends. Then, you reveal yourself at the end of the month! If you become lazy and don’t keep up with it, then you will be replaced and the person who is sending you messages will be reassigned to someone else as well :)


  • You must have an open ask box, I always check, one by one, and it’s really frustrating. If you do not know if your ask box is working go to (Your URL).tumblr.com/ask if nothing shows up, you can ask me how to get it set up. 
  • You must have the anonymous option available. 

As for the mandatory reblog?

You do not have to reblog this, but I would recommend it, because that’s how the word spreads and you never know, there might be a loner who is waiting for messages and someone to talk to, this might be a cute thing for them right? 

But yeah, you are also allowed to like. On March 1st, (or the weekend leading up to it) feel free to send me messages because it’s a long process messaging everyone with tumblr’s limits. lol. 

Any types of blogs, Reblog/like (choose one and only do it once please!) You have until March 1st. GO GO GO.

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